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Arrowsmith parent testimonials2

Christchurch Arrowsmith Parents comment, after approx. 6 weeks in the program, June 2015                        

"A week ago she verbalised to me that she can now understand TV. She had never watched TV programmes as a pre schooler - very few - maybe Country Calendar up until age 8, but just in the last two weeks, she’s watched so much tv. She says “I understand it now mum, I understand it!” It comes from the Arrowsmith program. 

"My grandson is starting to have a bit more confidence in himself.
He got to the stage where he wouldn’t have a go at anything. And now
he’s challenging himself a little bit. Now he’s having some success so
he’s prepared to keep trying. My theory with kids is that confidence is contagious, and so is lack of it. When they can’t read, can’t write, they
get used to being poor performers. When you can turn it around, it’s
terrific. He can now do simple things that you’d expect kids that age
to do, like tell the time, which he couldn’t do before."

"My son tells me when the car time is wrong, so we went and bought him a proper watch which seems to be his pride and joy. He seems to be gaining in confidence. Homework can be a little challenging – the problem is getting started. He is really thriving on the fact that he can do the work, and he’s making real progress, lots of little masteries."

"He seems to be more organised. I don’t know if it’s the sequencing. I asked him last night how does he feel the Arrowsmith is going, what he has been able to gain, and he says to be able to pick things out from a story – he’s finding that a lot easier. He can tell the time – he has also asked for a watch. I haven’t had any complaints from him at all – not the homework either. At the beginning it was getting him into a routine. It’s still a bit early days but I am seeing a change."

"Xander has always struggled with initiation of stories, so I couldn’t believe that in his daily journal, he started a creative story, created characters, and made up a little theme that he added to every day. I’ve never seen him voluntarily do that, and it used to take him an hour and oodles of coaxing to even face the idea of a story. He seems to comprehend some things a lot more clearly. He comes home really proud and excited each time he goes up a level. The Arrowsmith homework takes effort, but he is really self-motivated to reach little goals and get to the next level. He had a playdate last weekend, and his friend’s mum said she could notice a real difference – that she could have a real conversation with him."

"In the past he would agree to anything that was asked of him, and his standard reply would be “ok”. In the last week there has been two instances where he has challenged requests – which is fantastic. He has been able to verbalise why he doesn’t agree and in one case quiz me and ask “if you were me – would YOU do this if your Mum & Dad asked you to??” I commented on the sunset last week which was stunning and he said “It’s like a mountain with a volcano spewing lava out the top” – he normally never volunteers ideas – especially anything abstract. A friend of mine who car pools with us, said she’s noticed that he’s responding to questions a lot quicker than he did before. "

 "We’re noticing that the little nuances in his speech are starting to improve. He’s clearer – not as mumbly as he used to be – intonation is better and stuttering has reduced. He has found it boring at times, but he’s really encouraged, as we are. Last year at his old school he was always at the bottom of the class. Now, being in a positive education environment he is happy to go to school. It's great to see him thriving."

"Seb is actually really good with his homework. I hadn't expected that. Sometimes he says it’s boring but he always does it. The evening where we all had a look at what was going on in class and had a go at some of the exercises was really helpful. Seb felt that he was the centre of attention and he was very pleased that some of the adults couldn’t do some of the exercises. This gave him a big boost."

"It’s a little too early to say for sure, but there have been a couple of times I’ve noticed changes. She never used to understand stuff on a tv program and it’s the same for reading. I can’t remember what it was, but she came and sat with me, and she understood it perfectly, told me exactly what was happening. I couldn’t believe it."

"With our daughter, the strongest thing has been that she now knows the time. That seemed to happen really quickly and she was really proud of that. On the night when we went to see how it was all done, there was a great pride in showing us what to do. When she goes to bed, she’s picking up a book to really read it. She picked up a book that she had given up on half way through, and she re-grabbed it and started it again."


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