• "I believe in standardizing automobiles, not human beings."

    Albert Einstein
  • "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

    Joseph Campbell
  • "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information."

    Albert Einstein
  • “Follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary.”

    Steve Jobs


Taking Notes

Seven Oaks School is a part of The Holistic Education Trust, which was established in 2006 to create an education that truly serves the needs of today’s children. As well as creating Seven Oaks, the Trust continually researches ways to redesign education that prepares children for the future we face today, in our rapidly changing world.

Seven Oaks School has its own board to support staff, parents and students in the operation of the school. This is a progressive board that supports the school’s development and oversees its operation, in alignment with the Trust’s educational vision.

Seven Oaks Board

Kane Bunting – Parent
I am married to Jo and we have three children, Cooper (7), Tait (6) and Miri (3). We moved to Opawa in 2014, soon after Cooper turned five, and discovered Seven Oaks. The school has been a great choice for our family with the tailormade education for each individual child, holistic curriculum and ethos a match to our parenting style at home.

Returning from the UK in 2007 I switched from working in Contract Management to a Procurement role with City Care. After seven years growing Procurement at City Care I created a residential property management company and now work from home. The work flexibility I now have has given me the opportunity to join the School Board. I look to bring commercial business experience and support to the finance committee.

Jace Carson – Parent
I am married to Anitra Carr.  We have two children at Seven Oaks currently, Ryan in Titoki and Sarah in Miro.  Our eldest daughter was a founding student at Seven Oaks and is now doing well at High School (Hagley Community College).

I have a lengthy tertiary science background and Project management working in organisations both here and in the USA.  In my current current role I drive strategic research initiatives, development of Research Institutes and coordinate engagement with National Research Centres. This work has seen me involved in the development of over 1000 proposals and accumulated contracts totalling >$100Million.

We sought out a school like Seven Oaks for the nurturing environment, individualised and experiential learning, realistic teacher/student ratios, male teachers.

Craig Haywood – Parent
I am married to Sarah-Jane and we have two teenage children, Reuben and Tayla-Jane.

At the start of 2016 we relocated from Invercargill to Christchurch where I took up the position of Business Development Manager for a local building company. Seeking new schooling we chose Seven Oaks for Tayla-Jane. The school values and ethos was what attracted us. With a strong background in Architectural and Engineering gained from owning a multi-disciplined consultancy for 17 years I bring professional business experience to the board.

John MacDonald – Parent
I am married to Fiona, we have daughter Hana who is in the Nikau class and Thomas who is a pre-schooler.

Through my professional experience I can call on a wide range of skills that can be of benefit to the school. Specifically these centre on the management of risk, the development of people and the general operational requirements of large businesses.

We chose to send Hana to Seven Oaks because we like the school’s vision of building brilliance and allowing children to develop at their own pace. The fact that children are treated as individuals and not as a group is something that resonates strongly with me.

Bruce McIntyre – Trustee, Chairperson
Tomo and I have 4 children and (currently) 4 grandchildren. My son loved his time at Seven Oaks and sadly had to move on when we ran out of classes for him.

After a year at University I decided to start my own business. Macpac grew to be a substantial and successful business, employing up to 250 people in factory and office. We cared a lot about environment, product performance and an open, friendly, egalitarian culture. I bring 35 years of innovation, leadership and a wide range of business experience to my roles on the Trust board and the school board.

 Victoria Metcalf – Parent
I am married to Scott Millar and we have one child Briony.

I'm a marine biologist/geneticist with a particular love of cold places - most of my research has been on Antarctic marine life and the effects of increases in temperature, ocean acidification and pollution. I  am also passionate about science communication and have a role nationally coordinating a novel initiative where communities, educators and scientists are supported to work together on locally meaningful projects. I bring a range of leadership, education, and communication skills to the board.

We chose Seven Oaks School because of its novel curriculum and supportive environment, especially Building Brilliance, as well as the strong eco-literacy focus.

Matt Rogers – Parent, Treasurer
Karlene and I have two children, one of whom is at Seven Oaks.

I have been a qualified accountant for many years and bring my accounting and administration abilities to the school board.

We were attracted to Seven Oaks because of the Arrowsmith Program, which is of great help to our son.

Charlotte Syme – Educator
David and I have raised three (now adult) children and are happy being grandparents.

I’ve worked in various art based jobs, taught art for 9 years, exhibited and sold my own works and taught at primary schools. I love being around children and the joy their energy can bring to the world. Taking new steps and discovering new concepts is a fascinating and rewarding journey. I get to experience this everyday as an educator.

Seven Oaks is a fantastic place to work at and be involved in as it has a fresh take on education and is constantly growing and evolving . An inspirational place that allows for individual passions to thrive and new experiences encouraged.

Molly Watson – Principal
Originally from Pennsylvania USA, Matt and I have 2 daughters. Our youngest is here at Seven Oaks School.

I started my professional career as a language teacher at Elementary school for five years before our first daughter was born. Co-founding Seven Generations Charter School and taking on the role of Academic Director for its first year gave me a great insight into the creativity, commitment and organisation that is required to start and manage a brand new school. Four years as President of Board of Trustees at a Waldorf school gave me invaluable experience at the governance level.

We came to Seven Oaks after discovering its remarkable similarities with the Seven Generations School I co-founded back home.