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New Halswell Site

Seven Oaks School Opens in Halswell 2017

Moving to Halswell in Term 3 2017

Plans to move Seven Oaks to their new Halswell site in 2017 are now well underway. Resource Consent was issued in late October and Building Consent was issued at the end of December. The school purchased 8 classrooms built in 2012 from St Margarets, for Stage I of the development, catering for Years 1-10. Additional classrooms have also been purchased, allowing growth from the current roll of 61 students up to 150 students. Future plans, as enrolment grows, allow provision for a pre-school and to extend through to the senior high school years.

Stage I plans cover approximately one third of the 4 hectare site on the corner of Quaifes and Murphys Rd and include a “drop and drive” carpark, art/music rooms, paved courts, landscaped play areas and a playing field.

Seven Oaks School plan Halswell 2017


The small 1:15 teacher:pupil ratio and focus on empowering children through not only intellectual, but emotional and social skills, have seen the school gain traction as an alternative to both State and traditional private schools. Fees are 40% less than that traditional independent schools.

Ideas put forward by pupils for the new school included a “frog pond”, chocolate fountain, nerf gun arena, water slide with penguins and imagination station with stacks of Lego. Principal Molly Watson said “unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate all of the great ideas in Stage I, but as the roll grows, it is our aim to create an energising, vibrant learning environment where children are welcomed, respected for who they are, and discover learning is fun.” School Chairperson, Bruce McIntyre (founder of Macpac) sees this as an exciting opportunity to create a school that exemplifies a natural, healthy environment, teeming with life, nurtured by children through organic, self-sustainable practices.”